Calmly execute your most important work.

Are you burned out from fighting fires at work?

Learn how to put ‘em out for good.

The all-too-common problem of fighting fires at work has a lot of professionals asking, “How do I prioritize all of the tasks I need to get done?  Does work really need to be so stressful and demanding?  Is there a way to get ahead of all of my emails, meetings, and interruptions so I can work on the things that really matter?”

Performance Improvement Toolkit is a hands-on, actionable online course that enables you to solve the biggest problems in your organization—not just getting a lot done, but getting the right stuff done.  That means identifying what will make the biggest difference and saying no to the rest.  Learn how to calmly execute your most important work.

We should all be fighting fewer fires at work.  (Except for actual firefighters, of course!)  That’s why I developed the Performance Improvement Toolkit. There is a way for you to reclaim your freedom at work, to create space in your schedule and generate immense value for yourself and your organization.  Hundreds of employees have tested these ideas and proven that you can do great work without all the stress and frustration that usually comes with it.

Hi! I’m Mark McKenna

Here's Why I Created This Online Course

I have been a manager, trainer, and coach to more than 500 employees, working side-by-side with people in sales, office management, customer service, consulting, production work, etc. to guide them in maximizing their effectiveness and developing as skilled professionals.  Over the past decade I have also analyzed and created hundreds of work processes and seen what works and what doesn’t—what frustrates employees and what inspires them to do the best work of their lives.

I hear the same struggles from talented professionals time and time again: “Why does my manager seem to make my life harder instead of easier?  He/she constantly gives me fires to put out!” or, “I have great ideas to implement.  How can I find the time and energy to put them into practice?” or perhaps the biggest one, “Why does my organization not seem to care about the ideas from the people who know what's going on—the ones doing the actual work?"

In this course I have deconstructed the most powerful principles I have ever come across related to organization design, corporate strategy, and human performance technology to provide you with a learning experience that will amplify your ability to do great work.  I am here to guide you as you experiment with these concepts and apply them in your life.  Let’s get started!

A Productivity Effectiveness Course
without the Rah-Rah!

This is not a productivity course.  The goal is not to work faster, harder, and longer.  It's more about effectiveness and getting the best stuff done, the essential projects and activities that account for 90% or more of the results.

As a professional instructional designer, I developed this training program with deliberate emphasis placed on skill development and practical application.  The focus is for the content to be useful to you instead of motivational. (I am sure you will appreciate this aspect.  I am not trying to excite you do to great work here.  I am just teaching you how to get there.)




Self-paced course.

12 lessons.

The learner is encouraged to practice the skills learned in each lesson.

Lifetime access to course content.

Videos, PDF worksheets, diagrams, and job aids that enhance learning.  

This isn’t a “sit and sip from the proverbial training firehose” experience.

This is an online course, so all you need is an electronic device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) with internet.  The course is optimized for all these devices.  The lessons are structured in a consistent, easy-to-follow format.

The course tracks your progress as you go, and you can get any support you need from me along the way.

You don’t need to go to a seminar across the country to learn and grow as a professional.  I have formatted this learning experience as an online course instead of a face-to-face workshop to provide an affordable professional development opportunity that you can’t get anywhere else.

What You Will Learn

This online course is designed to help you achieve a mindset for approaching your work and solving problems so you can put out the corporate fires for good.  It was carefully crafted from methodologies used in fields such as process improvement, human performance technology, and organizational design.

The tools you will learn focus on helping you follow this pattern for improving your performance:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Create space between you and urgent problems.
  • Prepare for crucial conversations and important events through visualization.
  • Solve big problems through Gap Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, and Performance Analysis.
  • Define your most important work through process mapping.
  • 5x your output by working in flow.
  • Automate and delegate your less important work through systematization.
  • Set up key performance indicators to evaluate how you're doing.

Who Is This Course For?

This online course is designed for professionals who want to improve their performance—not just their productivity, but their effectiveness in getting the right things done and becoming expert problem-solvers. 

If you want to gain new tools for designing your work and continue to develop your strategic mindset, this course is for you.

You are a professional in the purest sense.  You want to combine your unique talents with your passion for doing great work to provide a lot of value to the world.  Maybe you feel frustrated because your manager or your current work responsibilities limit you from contributing all that you are capable of.  Or you might feel overwhelmed on occasion by all of the little stuff that gets in the way of doing the work that you think is most important.  This course gives you the tools you need to stop fighting fires and slay dragons instead.  (Sounds like a grand adventure, doesn’t it?)

Stop fighting fires.

Slay dragons instead.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your job is to answer emails, fix things that break, and react to fires all day.  As you know from my book, Put Out the Fires!, your job is not to be a firefighter.  Become a dragon slayer instead.  Get ready to calmly execute your most important work.


Lesson 1: Welcome to the PIT!


Lesson 2: Create Space

Lesson 3: Visualization


Lesson 4: Define the Problem

Lesson 5: Find the Cause

Lesson 6: Explore Solutions


Lesson 7: What Is Your Most Important Work?

Lesson 8: Process Mapping


Lesson 9: Work in Flow

Lesson 10: Systematize Your Work


Lesson 11: Measuring vs. Evaluating

Lesson 12: Key Performance Indicators

Let's Get Started!

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Everything You Need to Calmly Execute Your Most Important Work

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    12 modules of actionable content
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    30-day money-back guarantee
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    Bonus: PIT Workbook (downloadable PDFs)


Option 2


Everything from PIT + Some Impressive Extras

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    12 modules of actionable content
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    30-day money-back guarantee
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    PIT Workbook
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    20 paperback copies of Put Out the Fires! for your team (Continental U.S. only)
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    3 coaching calls for you or your team (60 minutes/call)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start and finish?

You can start this course as soon as you are enrolled. It is a self-paced course, so you can complete a lesson, go practice what you learned, and come back when you’re ready for the next one.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course.

  • Can my employer pay for this course?

Yes! This is a professional development course that can help you become more valuable at work. Many employers are happy to invest in opportunities like this to help you learn and grow in your role and prepare for future responsibilities. You can pay for this course with a company credit card.

  • What if I want a refund?

We want you to be happy with this purchase. We hope that it will help you improve your performance at work and get to a new professional level. If you are unsatisfied with the course, contact us within the first 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

  • What equipment/tools will I need to participate in the course?

All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile phone with Internet access. That’s it! You may also want a printer to print off pages in the PDF workbook.

  • Will I get access to the full course all at once?

Yes, you will.

  • What do I do if I need help?

If you need help with anything related to the course, please contact

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try this course risk-free for 30 days.  If you aren't getting the results you are looking for, simply contact us and we'll refund your money.  No questions asked!