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Fighting Fires at work?

As a professional in an age of unprecedented technology and prosperity, why are you so harried and hurried all the time?

Cartoon hero, Clyde, is here to give you the answer.

What we are All About

Design for Your Results

Your work is perfectly designed to get the results you are getting.  Do your systems need some tweaking?

Do What Works

Implement human performance solutions that are as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Fight Fewer Fires

We are all fighting more fires at work than we should.  (Except for fire fighters, of course.)  Time to change that!

When you join the Put Out the Fires!  community, you will get instant access to our flagship 3-part video course that will show you how to put out the fires at work FOR GOOD.

Video 1

Exclusive access to the video version of Put Out the Fires!, the rollicking business fable about Clyde's epic quest to put out the fires.

Video 2

Discover the 3 counterintuitive reasons you are fighting so many fires at work.

Video 3

The exact steps you can take to get your most important work done and extinguish the corporate flames!

My name is Mark McKenna, creator of Put Out the Fires.  I am very excited to share Clyde's story with you.

One engineering professional described it as a "powerful metaphor for [his] management team."  

Teaming up with the talented Mike Perez to develop the visuals for Put Out the Fires has been one of the most fulfilling and ambitious projects I have ever undertaken, and my hope is that you will find it both entertaining and useful.