Blog — Put Out the Fires!

What’s in a Cover?

When making the book cover for “Put Out the Fires,” I tried to keep two things in mind:A simple, clean look will be best.  (Not too “busy.”)It will pique interest by giving readers a peek of what’s inside. Mike Perez was more than willing to oblige and demonstrated an exceptional degree of patience while I tried […]

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Corporate Fires

“Today is a wonderful day,” you proclaim to the world as you alight from your bed after a full night’s rest.  With a nice breakfast and a vigorous workout under your belt, you leave the house feeling refreshed, energized, and optimistic.  Your smooth swagger and bold brow are clear evidence of today’s brimming potential.As you […]

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Behind-the-Scenes: Storyboarding a Sentiment

At this point in time, you have learned a little bit about the bumbling-yet-eager protagonist of “Put Out the Fires.”If you have had a similar experience to Mike and myself, then you have become endeared to Sir Clyde, Master of the Fires.Clyde is as human as human can be.  No radioactive super-transformation that offers special […]

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Sneak Peek: Why I Wrote a Children’s Book

I have heard some people say that there is a book in each one of us, just waiting to be written.  I believe that to be true.  In my case, however, the depth and breadth of that book does not extend beyond a 32-page children’s book.  That’s about all I can handle.The Writing Process”Put Out […]

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These Boots Are Made for Walking… and Fighting Fires

My good friend, Andy Hogan, referred me to Mike Perez earlier this year. I met Mike by phone on February 18th and he agreed to send me a concept sketch.I didn’t give him much to go off: “So there’s this gangly guy named Clyde. Awkward, brown hair of medium length, tall and skinny. He uses a […]

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