About — Put Out the Fires!


"Put Out the Fires!" is the whimsical story of Clyde, a brave man who sets out on a quest to prove he is a hero. What dangers will he confront along the way? You guessed it: fires!
Featuring the breathtaking artistry of Mike Perez, this action-packed story is as thrilling as it is charming.  
It's an adventure story for the entire family.


Mark McKenna โ€” Author

Mark McKenna is the author of "Put Out the Fires!" This is his first children's book.

Though elusive, he is sometimes spotted in the wild playing the cello, hiking, or building Legos with his kids.

He lives with his wife and three children in northern Utah.

Mike Perez โ€” Illustrator

Mike Perez is the illustrator of "Put Out the Fires!" This is his 8th children's book.

As a self-taught illustrator, Mike has been dubbed "Creator of Cute Things and Master of Light" by reputable artistic critics such as Mark McKenna. ๐Ÿ™‚

His artistic pursuit began years ago when he drew a Mickey Mouse face on his parents' lampshade.  They were upset about it at the time, but Mike makes sure to remind them what an important part of his origin story it is.

Mike lives in his hometown of New York City.